Simple is secure, robust and reliable

Ensuring that data stored in Simple is securely maintained and always accessible are two of our highest priorities. Each requires consistent and detailed execution through every phase of building and operating Simple. These design principles have helped Simple establish an outstanding track record of uptime and data integrity.

Your data

Simple employs a 24×7 operations team that maintains multiple levels of security within the platform, including network layer firewall protection, security groups, and access control audits.

Industry standard SSL encryption is implemented in all client-to-server traffic and a strict adherence to documented security practices is enforced.

Operational security is equally important, and our infrastructure and operations procedures reflect that. All customer data is securely stored with a 99.999999999% durability SLA provided by AWS.

High availability

The scalability and security characteristics of Simple ensure our platform is there when you need it, wherever you may be. Hosting in AWS high security data centres with redundant, high bandwidth, low latency internet connections ensures connectivity is available at all times.

The platform architecture has been developed with redundant network infrastructure for traffic handling, including load balancers, firewalls, gateways and VPNs.

Simple has built and manages an architecture designed for high availability that allows for short maintenance periods with near-zero impact to any of our user base around the world.


Simple provides one place for marketing teams to visualise the data sets that matter most.

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