Marketing Resource Management (MRM) reinvented


100% visibility across budgets, plans, teams, agencies, conversations and results. Simple.

Marketing Resource Management (MRM)

Our MRM platform manages your end-to-end marketing activities. It coordinates operations across multiple channels, bringing together all the assets and people involved, and standardises and streamlines your workflow along the way.

Gains for the marketing department include speed, control, efficiency, and improved return on investment (ROI).

Part of the magic is automation. In a demanding marketing environment, details and tasks can be overwhelming. Much of that can be automated with Simple’s MRM solutions. Marketers can take charge of campaigns with a renewed focus, leaving technology to take care of the details.

MRM Circular Chart

Marketing Project Management

Manage your end-to-end marketing project plans and campaign playbooks using Simple. Set up the steps involved in getting your campaigns to market, to ensure your teams are working as effectively and consistently as possible.

Simple gives you the confidence that your teams can execute marketing campaigns efficiently, using the software to remain agile, while driving repeatable actions and increasing speed to market.

Legal Collaboration

Marketing Workflow Management

Working with your teams, agencies, suppliers and third parties has never been easier. Collaborate on campaign briefs, concept development, content approvals, cost tracking and feedback all in one central location.

Our intelligent Marketing Workflow Management software provides the tools you need at each stage for effective project management, including briefing, budgeting, approvals and execution.

Marketing Workflow Automation

Some companies rely far too heavily on the experience and knowledge of their employees built up over time, which can result in major gaps and knowledge loss when they leave the business.

Using the best-in-class workflow templates, project plans and step-by-step playbooks available within Simple, your teams can action their go-to-market strategies quickly, while ticking every compliance box needed by the business.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Simple’s Digital Asset Management solution (DAM) provides a central place for teams to manage their marketing assets across all media channels. Most digital asset management systems are disconnected from teams’ workflow processes.

In Simple, every asset is assigned relevant information such as keywords and usage rights, so you can quickly find the material you need and have the confidence to use it.

Through our open API, assets can be mapped to intelligent workflows and passed off to common cloud based channel execution tools such as marketing automation, CRM and CMS systems.


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