Marketing Performance Management (MPM)

Effective Marketing Performance Management (MPM) on Simple helps you gain insights, analyse data, make predictions, and optimise marketing programs, campaigns and resources.

Data and intelligence

Marketing Performance Management means actively monitoring and changing how you operate across all aspects of your business to drive better outcomes.

To do this effectively you need to have accurate, timely and relevant monitoring (the data) and be able to use this to make the right decisions about what to change (the intelligence).

Simple’s platform provides access to both of these elements, allowing you to truly embrace continuous improvement in your business.

Data and Intelligence

Marketing Return on Investment (ROI)

Obtaining an accurate view of ROI in modern marketing is a complex task. It’s not just about what you spend and your sales results, it’s about determining the value you get from every activity.

Each person, tool and task should add value to your business. Using Simple to coordinate and track your end-to-end activity allows you to see and quantify your marketing ROI at a new level of detail.

This allows you to make informed decisions about where to invest in your business and your media to drive commercial outcomes.


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