Marketing calendars empower effectiveness

Role based, team based, campaign based, segment based, product based or channel based: whichever view makes sense to you, calendars can be configured easily in Simple to improve team visibility and effectiveness.

Marketing campaign planning

For large marketing teams to perform well in this new environment, different expertise and tools are needed to plan, produce, execute and measure campaigns.

Most enterprise marketing teams are finding it hard to keep up with the pace of change, primarily due to out-dated business processes and tools. Future markets will be won by the connected enterprise.

Simple enables marketing teams to forward plan their campaign activity, ensuring alignment to future objectives, business targets and resource capacity.

Marketing playbooks

The explosion of digital channels and their associated data sets creates countless challenges for the marketing team of today. They are expected to move faster and more effectively while having to manage ever-proliferating channels and ways to engage with the customer.

Simple’s platform and expertise enables enterprise marketing teams to execute best practice playbooks to truly leverage opportunities to connect with their customers.

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