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Data Analytics and Intelligence

Simple’s customer success team helps you define your marketing performance success metrics based on campaign objectives, and helps you analyse the results across different channels to build best practice go-to-market playbooks to help you optimise your team’s marketing performance.

Performance data capture

By executing your marketing processes through Simple, you can capture a vast amount of data covering what your people are doing at a granular level as they deliver your results.

This data is the key to unlocking insights that will improve performance across your teams, processes, assets and operational management.

Dashboards, reporting and visualisation

Simple provides embedded dashboards and reporting capability that includes interactive visualisation designed specifically for marketing performance analysis.

Using these tools you can ‘close the loop’ on marketing performance by launching improvement actions and changing your processes on the same platform you use to identify those opportunities.

Connected solutions

Marketing technology is evolving rapidly and you will always need a combination of tools to execute your end-to-end content development and distribution cycles.

Simple’s open API architecture provides the capability to integrate with your other cloud or on-premise systems to make your marketing operations faster, smoother, more insightful and more productive.

Connected solutions

Simple marketing analytics

Marketing analytics is the practice of measuring, managing and analysing marketing performance to maximise its effectiveness and optimise return on investment (ROI).

Understanding operational marketing analytics allows teams to be more efficient at their jobs and minimise wasted effort and resources.

Beyond the obvious sales and lead generation applications, team based marketing analytics can offer profound insights into marketing agility and velocity.

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