The integrated marketing solution to drive results

Finally an integrated marketing solution designed to ensure that all campaign management, messaging and communications strategies are unified across all channels and centred around the customer.

Integrated marketing playbooks in the cloud

Building out your best-practice integrated marketing playbooks and plans in the cloud focuses your teams on the objectives of a marketing campaign and helps streamline work processes and campaign strategies, driven by past results.

Defining the strategic role of communications disciplines such as advertising, public relations and sales promotions using Simple’s solution enables you to provide clarity, consistency, and increased impact as part of a comprehensive communications plan.


Integrated marketing has gone agile

Today customers move faster than we can respond without changing the way we work. Providing an integrated experience for your prospects or customers relies on your marketing operations being as agile as possible.

This is achieved by having all the building blocks in place and ready to assemble in any order. Simple enables you to configure all your plans, playbooks and workflows in one place. When you’re ready to hit the go button, so are all your teams and partners.

Simple enables marketers to align resources, activities, budgets and metrics with business goals.

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