9 Modern Marketing Organizational Charts [Infographic]

The shift to a more centralized — and a more customer-centric — marketing organizational chart is on. We discussed the key influences reshaping marketing with more than a dozen global thought leaders and chief marketing officers in our special report, The Changing Structure of Marketing Departments in the Age of Disruption.

Now we’ve documented what those changing marketing org charts look like in this bumper infographic. In it, we’ve included 9 examples of modern marketing org chart structures.

9 modern marketing organizational charts

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Bonus marketing organizational chart for the modern era

Read our interview with an international marketer who has just undergone a massive centralization of his marketing team, boosting effectiveness while cutting costs by 25 per cent, saving $5 million — with the org chart that he adopted.

And for marketers who are thinking about restructuring, you’ll find more information on our six steps to help you restructure marketing in our special report.

CMOs know the marketing organizational chart needs to change. But no one single structure is  dominating. Read more about The Changing Structure of Marketing on our blog.


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