4 Reasons to Brief Your Marketing Tasks in Simple

Briefing badly could literally cost you money. In fact, on average, 30% of agency costs are frittered away due to inefficient processes, wasted resources and misdirected work resulting from poor communications from the marketer — often in the marketing brief.

As marketers, we are responsible for the quality of direction we give agencies or our in-house creative teams. If we want to be more productive, we need to get better at briefing.

Here’s how a marketing resource management platform like Simple can help you brief better (and why you should probably start using it).

#1 Alignment to strategic goals

As work gets delegated, it’s easy for those doing the work to miss the strategic business objectives of the work they’re doing. This is why the business objectives need to be part of your brief, to provide context to those who are doing even the smallest tasks.

So make sure you communicate your strategic objectives — not just once, when new budgets are allocated or a new strategy is enacted, but continually. And ensure your team is able to convert those goals into marketing objectives.

In Simple, this is built into each job or task. Team members can see the job they’re doing within context. You can require all briefs to explain how the requested work ladders up to a strategic objective. If you can’t explain it, you shouldn’t be doing it.

#2 Reusable templates

For each marketing task, there’s usually a set checklist of items that you need to tick off before you mark the task as complete.

How annoying would it be if you had to recreate the same checklist each time you had to request a new blog post, Facebook ad or email send?

With a tool like Simple, you can streamline your workflow by creating reusable templates. All you have to do is click what job type you want to create, and everything is pre-loaded for you.

This drastically reduces the time it takes to request new assets — and makes sure you don’t miss anything off the list.

Additionally, this improves the standard of briefing, particularly from external stakeholders. Simple’s briefs include instructions on how to fill them out for those that don’t work in marketing but need to request work from marketing.

#3 Built-in approval process

How disconnected is your approval process? My guess is if you’re like most marketing teams, you’re still sending final approvals via email.

Here’s the problem with that — it’s messy! The approver can’t see the context of why the asset was requested, or even check if what they’re looking at is the latest version of the asset.

With a marketing resource management tool like Simple, you’ll be able to incorporate compliance into your workflow, so that you can reduce risk while increasing speed to market.

Before the asset is even created, you can set the brief up for approval. That way, your internal and external agencies don’t start working on it until it’s right.

This will save you:

  • Time — in unnecessary brief iterations; and,
  • Money — in misdirected work from the agency due to misdirected briefs.

Simple’s marketing operations platform enables marketing teams to tick every compliance box, so that you can deliver on-brief, on-brand, and on-time. You can automate approvals and review, comment and edit work from anywhere.

#4 Approved assets live in one place

Marketers are used to recycling imagery. The only problem is figuring out which assets are approved for reuse. The latest version of an asset could live on Drive, Dropbox, an internal server — or worse — someone’s desktop.

Having a platform like Simple means that each time an asset is created, it immediately gets saved in an asset library so that team members can grab or reference it for reuse.

Every asset is assigned relevant information such as keywords and usage rights, so you can quickly find the material you need and have the confidence to use it.

Through our open API, assets can be mapped to intelligent workflows and passed off to common cloud-based channel execution tools such as marketing automation, CRM and CMS systems.

Start briefing better with Simple

Simple empowers enterprise marketing teams with one tool to create, prioritize, collaborate on and execute marketing campaigns on time, on budget and on brand.

Book a demo to see how it works, or contact us to learn more.

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