Less complexity and more effective marketing?

At Simple, we’re helping brands plan, create and optimise all their marketing activities to deliver exceptional customer experiences across every marketing touchpoint.

Our cloud-based platform provides a central workplace and source of truth that empowers marketing teams and their agencies with one view across all channels. Streamline collaboration, effectively manage budgets and workflows, automate approval processes, and unlock insights across teams, processes and campaigns.

Less complexity and more effective marketing? Simple.




Growth in the number of customer touch points is only going to accelerate. So the time it takes marketers to understand and capitalise on what’s working, and change what isn’t, can be the difference between success and failure.

That’s where Simple comes in.

The Simple Story

The world of Marketing is changing. Today, Marketing leaders are creating campaigns that span an exploding number of touchpoints, are confronted with an abundance of technology and are at the forefront of the customer experience.

While these changes have presented us with unique opportunities, they’ve also been overwhelming and in some cases, have increased complexity, inconsistency and confusion.

Sure, we have access to state-of-the-art technologies and yes, we know more about our customers than ever before – but how is this all managed? Where is our central workplace that gives us visibility into what’s happening and how effective it is?

At Simple we get it, and we’ve taken it one step further. We’re creating a world where marketers have one single source of truth that provides complete visibility into planning, creation and reporting. A world that gives organisations one holistic view into how we work and recognises the impact we’re making.

We’re going from spreadsheets to systems and from the unknown to reality.

Less complexity and more effective marketing? Simple.

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