Less complexity and
more effective marketing? Simple.

Where Marketers Do Their Best Work.

Where Marketers Do Their Best Work

Powering high performance marketing teams

High performance marketing teams can now boost their efficiency and increase their effectiveness using agile software that enables them to iterate and optimise their campaigns on the fly.

Simple enables marketers to align resources, activities, budgets and metrics with business goals. Build out your focused marketing playbooks and plans in one place to boost team performance and campaign results.


Connect enterprise goals with marketing performance

All of your integrated marketing performance data in one place

Simple provides one place for marketing teams to access the data sets that matter most.

Simple’s customer success team helps you define your marketing performance success metrics based on campaign objectives, and helps you analyse the results across different channels to build best practice go-to-market playbooks to help you optimise your team’s marketing performance.


Integrated Marketing Performance Data

Don’t guess, measure

Effective marketing dashboards drive results and accountability. Five elements play a critical role in managing marketing performance: clearly defined objectives, data, analytics, success metrics and process automation. Most marketing teams today still don’t have these elements at their fingertips.

Simple’s platform focuses teams on measuring, managing and analysing marketing performance to maximise effectiveness and optimise your return on investment (ROI).


Get work done!

Software doesn’t automate everything or solve all of your problems. Without teams aligned with clear objectives and measurable plans, software can’t do much for you.

Simple creates a high performance environment by focusing teams on common objectives. It also creates a real-time system of record. This enables marketers to be agile while meeting the demands of internal stakeholders and achieving great campaign results.


Get Work Done

See it in action

We will show you how Simple can be implemented to suit your workflows,
your compliance and approval processes and help you launch campaigns to market faster.

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