Less complexity and
more effective marketing. Simple.

Where Marketers Do Their Best Work.

Where Marketers Do Their Best Work

It’s MRM 2.0: Marketing Resource Management… reinvented!

Over the years, we’ve used technology to improve marketing one piece at a time, by boosting email response rates, automating message delivery or improving advertising targeting.

Now, Simple enables organisations to understand which elements of marketing are performing, and which aren’t – by providing one central view across all marketing activity.


Connect enterprise goals with marketing performance

Plan, Create and Optimise

We, as marketers, can finally see how the production, distribution and optimisation of marketing comes together to create a unified customer experience.

Rather than just fine-tuning executions at the channel level, we can make improvements at each stage of the process to maximise impact, minimise risk and generate gains.


Integrated Marketing Performance Data

Show more, sell more and don’t get sued

As marketers we’ve never had an enterprise resource planning system to provide visibility to the business. Now you can develop standard operating procedures and collaborative processes, in order to show more and sell more in a consistent, efficient and scalable way, ultimately increasing your return on marketing investment.


Minimise waste, maximise output!

From planning to media, we’re on a mission to make marketing teams more effective. Take a look at how Simple can save your team time, reduce waste and minimise risk.


Get Work Done

See it in action

See how Simple’s Marketing Operations Platform can be implemented to suit your workflows, your compliance and approval processes and help you launch campaigns to market faster.

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